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What is Child Find?

Child Find is a process to "find" children who may have a delay in development or a disability. Oracle School District can help children with disabilities from birth through 21 years old. We provide special education services for eligible children. There are no costs for Child Find services.


What if I have concerns?

If you have concerns about your child's development or progress in school, contact the Oracle School District Special Education Department at 896-3052


How does Child Find work?

If you child is under 3 years old, an Arizona Early Intervention Specialist will come to your home to talk with you about your concerns and observe your child. For children ages 3 through 21 the Oracle School District uses a screening tool to check your child's development or performance in the areas that affect development and learning in school:


     - Vision and Hearing

     - Motor Control or Coordination

     - Behavior or Social Skills

     - Speech or Language Skills

     - Thinking or Performance Tasks

     - Adaptive Behavior


Child Find helps identify areas of concern that may need further evaluation.


What happens next?

If an evaluation is needed, you will be part of the evaluation team. You can give important information about your child's development, medical history, and concerns you have about your child's development. The team will explain the results to you after the evaluation is complete. If the evaluation shows your child is eligible or receive early intervention, preschool or school-aged special education services, you can decide to accept or decline.


What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention provides support and services to help families strengthen their child's development. Early intervention is planned around each child and their family's unique daily routine and family life.


What is preschool special education?

Preschool special education services include special strategies to help the child reach development milestones. These may include related services such as speech, occupational or physical therapy. Preschool services are provided in a preschool group or classroom setting at not cost to the parent.


Who do I contact for Child Find?

Oracle School District #2

Special Education Department